Monday, November 7, 2011

Life of a College Kid

Hello World.
It's been a long time. I hope the cyber world and my blog followers did not think I was dead. Cause I'm not. I'm alive. And well. But mostly alive. And fantastic.

What have I been up to since my summer adventures in Montana? That's a great question.

What haven't I been up to is a better question.

I'm currently down at the old BYU. Resuming my college education. I switched my major. Just in case you were wondering. No more music. Well that's a lie. I'm now an Elementary Education Major with a Minor in Music.

I also have a sweet new job. I'm a research assistant, for the school of family life. Basically I click buttons and edit heartbeats  It's the best. My office-mates are the bomb.

I live in a house. Well more like a townhouse. Called Chatsworth. It's the best. And it's big. And it's cute.

Meet my roommates. They are great.
From the left. Meredith. Cassandra. Me. Amanda.
These ladies are great. This is us on Halloween. We dressed up like 80's Aerobics Instructors. Pretty boss right? We may be a little crazy. But I love every minute.

Meet my new friends. Yeah we are all 20+ years old. But from these pictures you might not know.

Yeah. So now you've been caught up. Life is just dandy. 

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Sara Andersen said...

Yes I got up at 6 this morning to get ready for school and of course I ended up on facebook, so obviously I had to check out your blog. I love you to the end of the world. And I love your life, you are wonderful :)

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