Monday, November 14, 2011


So this past week there was a holiday.
No. It wasn't veteran's day.

Ok. Well yes it was. But I'm talking about another holiday.
So this was kind of a big deal. So much of a big deal we decided to celebrate.
So Cassandra wrote a little poem.

When a star shoots bright, some make a wish,
For a brand new car or maybe even a fish.
Others make their wish, sublime,
When the hands hit eleven at the same time.
This Friday will be extra sweet,
For the eleventh hour, minute, month, day and year will all meet.
Join North SIX for food, friends and fun,
We’ll be starting at nine; hope you can come!

I planed the menu. 
 Yes. I know. Cupcakes. Jr. Mint and Oreo found Here
Yummy crock pot cheese dip. And veggies!

We thought of some games.

And Voila!

Here are some glamour shots of the night.

Hope you had a happy 11.11.11!


Taylor Ann said...

shoot, that group shot is gooood ;) Who was your photographer.

Haha, you guys are wonderful, and so was your party!

Kaylee and Clark said...

Dang so sad we missed this rockin partay! next one you guys throw make sure to invite me and the cyldester (my husband) oh and great job fixing your title! I love you and your blog adventures very much!!

anna said...

such a fun fiesta! just love you guys and am SO excited to be your new neighbor!! :)

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