Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer of Love

Well. Today's the day. My Last official day of summer in Montana.

(it's technically over since it's past midnight now)

It's weird to think that I was dreading the move back home and away from friends.

And so I created this blog to consume my lifeless summer with.

But you know what? It was actually great.

I had a bunch of great jobs such as Old Navy, Nannying and Personal Assisting.

I have a wonderful, goofy, crazy, annoying family that I LOVE spending time with.

The Singles Ward is probably the most interestingly weird ward on the face of the planet.(in a good way)

I swam in a pool at least once every other week. (that's a record for me)

I got TAN!

I was able to paint my nails a new shade every couple days.

I was able to eat my hearts content of baked goods and mom's food.

And I wasted my life away on Netflix watching 30 Rock. Arrested Development. Psych. and some other shows I'm embarrassed to admit.

I read all of the Harry Potter series. For the first time.

And I attended 3 of 4 weddings of my dearest friends. And was able to see the joy in their happy married faces!

What a wonderful happy happy summer!

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