Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Story About a Boy

This is a story about a boy, many sleepless nights, a whole lot of mozzarella sticks and of course diet coke.

A total of 23 wonderful days and several crazy adventures.

Some could say the beginning of this story is terrible. But it progresses nicely in the middle and has a bitter sweet ending. And I wouldn't change a thing.

This boy is a jack of all trades. He saved my life. Taught me how to kiss. Fixed my car. Is a complete gentleman. He's sweet. Always down to party. Makes me happy but also makes me feel important, beautiful and confident. He has a deeper, secret side-full of stories and angst. But amidst that all, he's turned into an incredible young man. He serves every single person that he comes in contact with- all with a cute smile on his face and those darn blue eyes! It was amazing how as time went on, the more respect I gained for him, the more I admired him and the more comfortable I felt.

The best part about this boy is that I could be myself around him. All quirks. All giggles. And nervous humming. I think he actually liked those random ticks and thought it was adorable. I spoke what was on my mind, even if it was down right embarrassing and he just bore it with a little grin.

I could go on and on. But let's get to the adventures!

Play dates in the park.
Scootering/ long boarding
Big Band Dance
Deep Talk
Wal-Mart trips after midnight
Double Stuffed Oreos
Mario Kart
Karaoke in an empty auditorium
Taco Tuesday
Star Gazing
Lucky's Sushi
Bon Fires
Snap Chat Hangman
Red Robin
Lake Elmo
The Fault in Our Stars
Frozen Yogurt
Pompey's Pillar

I think that covers all of our adventures. However, I wouldn't be surprised if we did some other crazy things. Cause when you party every day for 23 days straight- it's easy for things to get jumbled.
This Boy and I had lots of fun. Lots and lots and lots of fun. I'm going to miss him. My crazy partner in crime. My taco tuesday pal. My adventurous cuddle buddy. But I'm extremely grateful for the time we had together and the memories made. Unfortunately, it's time for me to move on to other adventures in Utah and get my college degree. Boy and I will stay friends. Really good friends. And I'm excited to see how each of our individual lives unfold.

Now for the picture overload. And for everyone to "ooh" and "awww" at how cute we are. And be jealous of how much fun we had. So here goes

Can we just look at those eyes for a sec?

Pompey's Pillar (Best Date Ever)

Love this pic. We are crazy.
Double Stuffed Oreo Madness!
The Dream Team- 

Picnic Time! 
His spirit animal. 

Hangman Snap Chat

My farewell gift. He knows me so well!

So Randall Gordy. Welcome to my blog. This post is for you.
I hope you enjoyed it : )

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Bucket List

So remember how I made that bucket list of things to do this summer?

Well I've been KILLIN' it! 

Partially because I've made some AMAZING friends 

and we do things 24/7

But mostly because we are ALWAYS down to party.

So let's take a trip down memory lane and highlight the silly things we've done. And how we've embraced summer with open arms!


Living in MT is a great thing. A lot of your friends have horses. And they are willing to take you out riding. Maybe I thought I was gonna die. But then I took the horse by the reigns (literally) and went for it!


This was a very spur of the moment decision. I packed us some leftovers from Aaron's grad party and boom. Hit the park. Grabbed the blanket and some otter pops! We almost got rained on. But totally worth it.


This has been on my bucket list FOREVER. I love to sing. And I love singing for drunk people even more! haha. Jk. But I've always wanted to do it. So I saw a sign advertising a karaoke contest and said HEY! I'm going NOW! And people followed. It was a lot of fun. I sang the classic "Hit Me Baby One More Time..." and showcased my inner pop princess. However, that did not impress the judges.  But we're not gonna talk about that.....

Here's a video of me.....

We've also gone star gazing, s'more making, and visited the new public library. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of those adventures...

But here's some others that show how close Liza and I are. Like the fact we wear matching shirts on accident, eat waaaay too much cafe rio, plant trees together, go to the zoo together, hold cupcake eating contests and etc....

Here's to Day 24!


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