Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Date #3- Mr. Fresh Mex and the Opera

Don't worry folks. I didn't run out of horrible date stories. I just had to work 50 hours last week and it's summer so I'm a bit distracted.

For date #3 I'll give you some background.

One of my roommates, we'll call her Kate, had her missionary return. Things were wonderful, happy, and the two were clearly still in love. Kate and *John wanted everyone else to be in love and to join in on the fun, so they often set me up with several of John's friends from high school.

This time they set me up with Mr. Fresh Mex. He too returned from his mission. 10 DAYS EARLIER!

The plan was to make dinner at our apartment and then go to this mini opera at BYU.

Kate and John chopped the chicken. *Emily and *Alex shredded cheese, and Mr. Fresh Mex and I chopped veggies.

It was awkward.

Words cannot quite express what this conversation was like because there really wasn't much of one.

Mr. Fresh Mex was obviously still stuck on his mission. He had a thick Mexican accent and struggled to find words he wanted to say in English.

I tried to find things in common. I tried to bring him back to America, to things we both could relate to. However, I failed and I have never more diligently chopped vegetables. I kept looking to the other couples for relief but they were all in their own bubbles of love and excitement.

We made our way to BYU and I actually quite enjoyed the opera. Being a music major at the time, I knew several of the performers and was impressed. My date however, did not. He poked fun at their voices and the other couples made claims that anyone can sing opera if you just "wobble your voice"

They clearly didn't have to spend 10+ hours in the practice room each week like the performers and I did.

I don't remember how this date ended exactly, but I was definitely relieved to be home.

Lesson learned: don't go on dates with freshly returned missionaries who can't speak english.

*Names have obviously been changed*

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