Friday, June 5, 2015

Half Birthdays, Reflections and SummerLyfe

Holy crap.

It's June.

It's already summer.

I've completed the easiest semester of my life and have 3 months of freedom left till school starts again.

As of yesterday- I'm officially 24.5 years old. Times are a changing and the clock continues to tick.

It's really easy to think about all the things you "could be doing" or you "could have" or how your life "could be" I mean for heaven's sake- I could be married or have a kid-like my parents were at my age. I could be graduated from college and I could live a real "adult" life in the work force.

But alas, I am not.

I still have 1 full year of school left, and 1 full year of paid student teaching before I get my diploma.
And I'm extremely single, with very few gentleman callers. (practically zero)

But you know what?! It's alright!

How much longer will I be able to be independent and responsible for me, and only me?

How many more times can I stay up till 3:00 AM chatting with my roommates on megabed?
Or go on midnight bike rides with my gang?

How many more dance parties can I go to and shamelessly shake my thang?

How much longer will I be able to snag all the college student deals, or free load the pizza parties around campus?

How much longer can I live the life of a twenty something year old? (5.5 years to be exact...)

But thanks to the wisdom of my amazing Dad, I've come to a meaningful realization- Is life a race? What am I running to/for? Does marriage or graduation signify the end of my race? Or the beginning of a new one? So instead of sprinting to the finish line- I'm gonna relax and float this lazy river.

Don't get me wrong. I'm gonna do my best to improve myself. Put myself out there. Find an eternal companion. Study hard and graduate. But I'm going to enjoy myself while doing it.

So in honor of enjoying this relaxing ride, it's time for

My Summer Bucket List 2.0
-Go Fishing
-Zion's National Park
-Alpine Slide
-Hike various UT attractions (Provo, SLC area)
-Go to a Rodeo
-Try a new food
-Go boating
-Try all of the shaved ice shacks in Provo.
-Learn to play racquetball
-Twilight Concert Series
-Outdoor movie
-Sleep under the stars
-Do a session in every UT temple.
-Fly a kite
-Rent a puppy
-Go boating
-Read 4 books

So what kind of things are you going to enjoy this summer? Are you going to pick up your pace? Or enjoy the view?

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kenzie said...

I am inviting myself to lots of your summer activities mmkay? also I agree so much with the sentiment that life isn't a race. I am also just learning to enjoy where I am at in life.

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