Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Life- A Comedy of Sorts

Being a twenty something year old girl, living with 3 other girls, and surrounded by several others- we talk a lot. We talk about our feelings, our clothes, the latest Taylor Swift song and of course DATING.

Dating is always the most popular topic and is usually the root of our discussions on feelings, or what to wear and even sometimes about TSwift. It always leads back to BOYS!

With all of these conversations (which are high in number) I've noticed a trend about my dating life.

It is straight up COMEDIC MATERIAL.

So in honor of comedy, as well as learning to shrug off all the unfortunate situations that I seem to get myself into... I'm going to give you a brief dating history of your girl Mal. Starting from the very beginning. My first actual date until now. So stay posted for the next awful date story, followed by the next.

*Note: names will be changed to protect the identity of the male specimens. Also please don't get all offended if you were blogged. It's all for funsies and hopefully we've all moved on*

My first date happened when I was 16. It was with this boy in my seminary class who also had just turned 16. In fact, I had come to his birthday party a week before and gifted him a nice $10 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery.

Seminary boy was a hoot. Like literally. He would make noises similar to the hoot of an owl. He has tourettes syndrome and every day in seminary he'd give us the count down # of days till he was 16 so he could take all the ladies on dates.

He was a nice boy, so of course I said yes. I primped and planned and then an hour before the date he calls to tell me I must drive. He has no drivers license and forgot to inform me that I must pick him up. I borrow my Dad's car and set off to his house.

We meet up with another couple at the movie theater and watch "Meet the Robinson's" that cute cartoon Disney type movie. His hooting was kept to a minimum and I was enjoying my free movie

Afterwards we went to... Cold Stone! Where he proceeds to buy the largest size of Cotton Candy ice cream available and put BUTTERFINGERS ON IT!

He then proceeds to buy our ice cream with the gift card I gave him on his birthday!!! I enjoy my chocolatey goodness and try not to puke over the large amount of butterfinger cotton candy mess on his face.

After enduring Cold Stone and chatting with the other couple I finally grab the keys, start the car and then drop him off.

And that concludes my first official date.

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