Thursday, October 30, 2014

1989 T Swizzle

Why is it that I always blog when I'm trying to avoid other things??? (midterms, papers, etc)

...Something I should consider...and maybe fix....

I've been sitting at work for 2.7 hours bored out of my mind and have decided to talk about something that is extremely important to me.

You're probably thinking I'm gonna rant about ordain women, or some devastating statistic or story. Maybe I'd write a super religious post or even talk about my family... But you're wrong.


Can we just talk about how good her new album is?

Maybe it's because I'm a pop princess at heart. Or maybe it's because it's all I've been listening to this whole week while doing homework, sitting in my office, driving my car, even using the bathroom. (ok. yeah too far.)

But for reals. IT'S SOO GOOD!

It took me three days to come up with this list but it's official. I'm going to rank my favorite songs.

(obviously shake it off is at the top, but it's been out for months and so it doesn't count right now.)
1. Style
2. Out of the Woods
3. Bad Blood
4. Blank Space
5. All You Had To Do Was Stay
6. Clean
7. Welcome to New York
8. How You Get the Girl
9. I Wish You Would
10. Wildest Dreams
11. This Love
12. I Know Places

So yeah. You can catch me in my office, silently jamming, or toe tapping. And if I'm at home or in my car you gonna bet I'm bobbing my head and singing at the top of my lungs to this album.

At least until it's socially appropriate to start listening to Christmas Music. Cause let's be real. That's my other favorite thing.

Enjoy my silent jam in my cubicle.

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emilymcb said...

My favorites are Wildest Dreams, Clean, and Blank Space. I kind of love that we have different favorites--that means they're all good!

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