Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sweet Reunions

I cannot believe it's been two weeks. On one hand it feels like it was forever ago, on the other it feels like just the other day. But that's besides the point...

Two weeks ago my brother came home!

He'd been serving in the Philippines Tacloban Mission for two whole years. Preaching the gospel and stuff and saving peoples' souls.

My parents and I had this awesome plan to surprise him. I couldn't afford to spend so much time driving from UT to MT and back for a quick weekend and he just happened to have a 5 hour layover in SLC before flying into Billings. So....

They bought me a plane ticket. The same exact flight. And I arrived extremely early.

As I was checking in, the lady asked in her thick Samoan accent "Why so early?"

I told her my awesome plan and she just simply smiled and said "That's cool"

I went up the escalator and my heart was racing. What if I couldn't find him? I really wanted someone to be there recording it and the shock on his face. I was just so freaking excited.

I approached gate B6 where we would be flying out... in 4 more hours... And there he was sitting. Looking so dead tired. And he just said "hey mallory."

Apparently I'm a terrible liar and he could tell in my emails that I wasn't going to drive to Montana. He just knew I'd be there in SLC. He wasn't very shocked. He was expecting me.

So that was kind of a let down.

But I still cried. And hugged him. And two seconds later.

life was back to normal.

We bonded over burgers. We talked about life. He looked at my iphone a million times. Every time a cool song played in the restaurant- I gave him the details. After burgers we still had 2 hours to kill. So we got massages in the ExpressSPA. We lounged in the massage chairs for a while and talked and talked. We warmed up to some peppermint hot cocoa from STARBUCKS and chatted some more.

Then we got on a plane and flew into MT. And then I got to witness the cutest little reunion. This time my family wasn't late!

The rest of the weekend was perfect. Lots of family time, FOOD and laughing.
My favorite part was just seeing how my brothers interact together and laugh at each other. I also realized what an important role Ethan plays in our family. Everything felt right in the world and the little hole at our dinner table and in the sense of humor department was once again filled.

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