Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jackson 2014

Well. I survived my first week of school. Barely....

I only had like 3 mini meltdowns. It's totally fine right?

I guess my womanly/emotional side overpowered me this week.

But the important thing is I SURVIVED!

Everything's fine. It's a new week. It's cooling down. But I'm still wishing it was summer.

I'm also thinking a lot about my family cause MY BRO IS COMING HOME ON THURSDAY!

It's been two years since we both partied in the MTC together. And it's finally here!

So with all the thoughts of my family, summer and my avoidance of school....

It's time to blog about my quick family vacation to jackson hole, wy!

And when I mean blog, I really mean post a bunch of pictures and put a caption. Because it's totally inappropriate to spam up your instagram with these pics. So instead I do this...


River rafting trip. It was 48 degrees. But we had booked it way in advance. So the company gave us wet suits and we did it anyway! It may have rained on us the whole time- but you're supposed to get wet on a rafting trip right?

Chuck Wagon Dinner Tour. Basically a bunch of cowboys, a ride in a covered wagon and a nice dutch oven dinner with a little country music/show. I was lucky enough to participate in the show and win a free shirt! 

Family Selfie in the wagon.


The twins are as tall as me now. Actually even taller.

Tram Ride up the Mountain

Crazy freezing wind at the top of the mountain.

Beautiful view on the ride down.

Family horse back riding tour in the mud and rain.

My model brother Aaron. 

selfie on a horse. with my mom.

Even though it was rainy and cold it was the most beautiful view and by far my favorite part!

Oh man. Take me back!

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