Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tearin' Up My Heart

Once upon a time I grew up in the 90's.
Where butterfly clips and windbreaker sweat suits was all I wore.
Where I spent my days playing house and pretending to be married to a number of dream boats (Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Aaron or Nick Carter or Jonathan Taylor Thomas to name a few)
I choreographed many a dances to the sickest beats of the day. (Lucky-BSpears, Rollercoaster Ride- B*Witched, Larger than Life-BBoys)

Then one day. I grew up.

or did I?

Although my hair and outfits have changed. My love for Pop has not. I still find myself twitterpated at the newest singles and boy bands. And I'm 21 freaking years old.

I would say I'm embarrassed but I just can't help it.

I've been through it all. How could I let it go?

So here's a few of my favorite videos from the past

and a couple from the future.

That make my heart go boom boom boom. (Xenon reference anyone?)

Is it pathetic that I still know every word?

No- it's impressive.

Here's my new obsession. Even if they're 3 years younger... haha

You can't forget the JOBROS

What is your guilty pleasure/secret?


Taylor Ann said...

literally... the one direction song... blows my mind. LOVE.

everything about this.

kenzie said...

I'm in love with these One Direction boys! where did you find them?! (Also all the 90's videos are so awesome!)

Katie said...

It's no wonder why we're such great friends!

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