Monday, March 5, 2012

John Clayton Mayer

Once upon a time, I fell in love.
With a little certain someone named John.
It may have been back in 2002 with such great songs as this.

When I couldn't drive and my mother and I would "scream at the top of my lungs" on my way to school.
But ever since then I knew I couldn't leave him behind.
Songs and bands seem to come and go but dear brother john never leaves.
His albums come with more complexity and new sounds every time but yet never cease to amaze me.
I am pretty much never disappointed. (Except for two songs. "Say" and "Who Says" which I'm going to ignore for the rest of my life.)

I've been with John through thick and thin.
Through Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Anniston and Jessica Simpson.
Through his terrible press and his "racist" remarks. Through his parent's divorce and many new tattoos I've given him the benefit of the doubt.

Lyrics from his new song Shadow Days
"I'm a good man with a good heart, had a tough time, had a rough start,
but I finally learned to let it go. Now I'm right here and I'm right now and I'm open, knowing somehow that my shadow days are over, my shadow days are over now"

I am soooo freaking excited for his new album to come out. John is a changed man and I can't wait to hear what it sounds like. (although i nearly had a heart attack when I realized it was coming out May 22nd and I put my availability for my mission papers on May 6th)

And I'm soooo flippin' EXCITED to go to my third John Mayer concert on May 5th 2012 in LAS VEGAS! Thanks to my wonderful mom who bought me a ticket as my "last dying wish" (aka before I hit the mission field)

So here's a little photo recap of previous John Mayer Excursions
John Mayer SLC August 2010 with my cousins. (only picture do to camera dying)

Jumping for Joy in the SLC Airport on our way to DENVER

Blizzard of March 23rd 2010 in Denver CO

braving the storm to see John Mayer. 

Finally Inside and Ready to Party

So freaking stoked. Bros on left + cousins= family jam

So there it is.
I'm in love with John Clayton Mayer.

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