Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tornadoes, Floods, Thrifting and Cupcakes Oh my!

So as some of you know. Today is Wednesday. And it's already been such a fun crazy week! And we're only half way through! So let me catch you up with my dealings in the wonderful Billings, MT. Warning this is long but very exciting.

So ever since I've been home the weather has been terrible. There have been maybe 5 days that have been nice and that I've wanted to play outside. All of the other days it's been raining. It's been raining so much that we are like 6 inches above the flood level. Luckily the metro part of Billings has been totally fine. Like me. Cause I live on a hill. But most of Montana especially the surrounding little areas near creeks and rivers are completely soaked! Here's a picture of Round Up MT which is like 20 min from where I live.

So that's been happening for like two weeks and then we finally get some beautiful warm sunny days and I went swimming and then the weather service is like "Screw You MT!" There is going to be tornadoes and crazy thunderstorms! I almost didn't believe them. But they were right. I went to FHE and the sun was shining and beautiful. Then as we played kickball it got cloudier. Then Sara and I went to Softies and as we were getting our ice cream cones lightning started and all the people in line were getting texts that said that tornadoes were approaching and Sara's Dad called and told her to come home immediately. So I drove her home on the other side of town and as I started to my house I could tell that they were right. I was freaking out. I was speeding home and I even passed a cop and didn't slow down. haha. It looked like the lightning was right over my house and the clouds were getting worse. I came home and my family had no idea. They were watching a movie downstairs and then we turned on the news and my dad started being serious. He went and grabbed all the important documents and his shoes and a coat and my mom grabbed her book and a change of clothes. My little sister went and grabbed a bunch of useless items and her scriptures (good kids) and I decided I'd better get my act together. So we popped some popcorn and watched the news. Then it got really annoying listening to the weathermen so my siblings and I watched Phineas and Ferb and it was a great family bonding night. Nothing happened to us and I was pretty much oblivious to what it looked like outside but apparently there were several tornadoes surrounding Billings. Only two touched down but luckily no serious damage was done. Only a farm and one small house was affected. But check out that crazy picture. It was taken in Lockwood which is another area very close by.

So that was all Monday night. Tuesday I got to have a lovely lunch date with Liza Smith. I thought that we went to high school together but it turns out I graduated when she was in 8th grade. But regardless of age she is way fun to hang out with and I can hardly tell she's only 16! We went to McCormick's Cafe downtown and had yummy food. There was no one there and we got to sit in the garden room all by ourselves. We stayed in there for like 2 hours just chatting. Look at the cute garden room!
So after lunch we decided to go thrifting downtown at this sketchy thrift store. I got a an awesome spirit animal shirt as well as some classy gifts for my brother. Liza found these beauties.
Gosh I love them. She is probably the only person I know who could wear little kids overalls and get away with it! You can't tell from this picture but they have a great stripe to them!

So today is Wednesday and after a wonderful day of work at Old Navy I decided to bake some cupcakes and go to Scheel's. I made these delicious oreo cupcakes that I found at my cupcake bible. They turned out pretty delicious. My brother Aaron loves them. But he is the kind of kid who will eat an entire box of oreos without realizing it. haha.

Then Ethan and I went to Scheel's to get my dad some "GU" for his marathon this weekend. While perusing the shoe department I found these beauties. I'm not quite sure what possessed me to buy them but I've always found them cool and I wanted to try them on. And then some inner force inside me told me to buy them. So I did. Plus they were on sale. So that made it more difficult to resist. They are purple and classy. And I can't wait to wear them to Old Navy and see the looks I get from customers. and on campus this fall.

But anywhoo. Sorry for this extremely lengthy blog with terrible grammar and spelling. I've just had so many exciting things to share!

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