Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Salsa and Mercedes!

This weekend besides having the pleasure of working at Old Navy a lot, I spent some good old fashion time with my best gal Emily Gates as well as some time with Chris, Mike and other singles ward friends. Friday night the YSA group was invited by a very nice member of our stake to come to his grand opening of his Mercedes Benz dealership. He had hired a Salsa Band called Poco Loco and wanted us to come dance the night away. I was stoked. I haven't had a good dance party in a while and especially not a salsa one! So I decided to go.

Chris said he would meet me at the dealership and apparently a few other kids from the ward were supposedly coming. As we were walking into the building I realized how fancy this party was. I mean come on it's for Mercedes Benz. I should've known. I was wearing jeans, a cardigan and my birkenstocks. Chris was also in jeans. Not only were we the youngest people in there but we looked like a bunch of hoodlums coming to crash it. All the fancy adults were sipping wine in their fancy apparel and we were walking around with our jaws open. As we went into the garage the band was playing and we ran into the owner. He greeted us warmly and told us he was so glad we could come! I laughed and said I felt bad about how underdressed I was and he said "Oh no. You look great!" then motioned for us to get the dancing started. Luckily 3 more kids from the ward showed up just then and the dancing commenced.

I felt like such a tard. I had no idea how to salsa and everyone was just staring at us. I thought hmm. Let me text some people to get this party really started. I went through my contact list and realized nearly all of them were in Utah. If this party had been in utah there is no doubt we could of had it bumpin. I texted like the 5 people I still talk to in MT and all of them were pansies. Except for Gates. She showed up all excited and we danced the night away. Even after most everyone else had left.  We just embraced our awkwardness and shabby apparel and shook what our mothers gave us.  Here are some great pics of the night.

(I have no idea who this girl in the white is. 
but she liked to dance!)

Haha. Anyways after everyone had left. Emily and I caught up on our lives. We went back to old school times in elementary. She and I have known each other since 4th grade and so much has happened to us throughout those years but we are still really great friends. It was so nice to just unload my brain and she's always been such a great listener. We stayed in my car until 3 am when my mom called and was freaking out and wondering where I was. haha. Anywhoo. I love this girl. 

Then Saturday night we had a little campfire! Emily, Chris and Mike and I headed up to Chris's house and made s'mores! It was yummy and so funny. Those two boys have such funny and different senses of humor. Mike is super sarcastic and you can practically believe the opposite of everything he says. Whereas Chris on the other hand is just dramatic and makes everything and every story so freaking hilarious. But anyways. Great weekend with great friends. 

And here are the latest cupcake concoctions I made today for the missionaries when they came over for dinner. The recipe can be found under "perfect lemon cupcakes" at Your Home Based Mom. They were a hit!

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Jessica Lynn said...

those cupcakes look goood as does that girl in white as do you.

ps found your blog, huzzah!

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