Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adventure #2

Life is wonderful. Minus the fact that I haven't found a job yet. But this weekend was full of adventure as I attended the Young Single Adult Conference!

Ever Since I've been home people at church/my parents have said "You are back just in time for the YSA Conference! It's going to be amazing!" or "You have to go! It's going to be awesome!" I mean really what sounds better than a bunch of single 18-30 year old kids from ALL of Montana and Wyoming!

I can think of about 30 things that sound better.

Anyways, I put on my brave face. I registered online and I bought a new outfit to wear. But I was scared to go. I realized all of the kids I used to go to church activities and dances with were either on missions or married. I had no idea who I was going to hang out with! I hadn't been to church at the student ward yet and I had no idea who was back from school. So I went. My only friend Chris Lyon was supposed to be there but right as I pulled into the parking lot he texted me and said he probably wasn't going to come. So instead of panicking and turning around, I walked in. And of course I was 5 minutes late and the entrance was right at the front. So I got to do a runway strut down the aisle to find an empty seat while everyone was looking at me. Luckily there was a spot right next to the Stockdales. Patrick's parents were in charge of helping organize the conference and since I couldn't hang out with him, the next best thing was his parents.

But then something awesome happened. This girl with a cute salmon colored sweater came and sat down next to me. After the little speech was over it was service project time. She leaned over and told me I had cute shoes. I was starting to like her more and more. She and I were assigned to the same service project group and she asked me "Do you want to ride together" So we did. Her name is Sara. She just moved to Billings and she's super cool. We ended up having fun washing windows and painting this lady's porch. We then had a nice lunch at Grains of Montana and then I gave her a tour of the hot spots in Billings. haha. Such as Off the Leaf. Softies. and Downtown. It was really nice! We talked about boys, and clothes and our favorite things to do.

After lunch and shopping we took a break. We each went home and got dressed up for the 2nd half of the conference. We were lucky to have Jon Schmidt, a pianist and Thurl Bailey former Utah Jazz player perform and speak for us. After the dinner and performances,it was time to dance.

I had been looking forward to this all day. As most of you know or have experienced, I am a dance-aholic. The Elms W16 ladies and I have had quite the dance parties and love it! So I was anxious to see how it panned out. It was wasn't the greatest of dances or the best DJ but I didn't let it get to me. I showed up and amidst the sea of plaid shirts (seriously. that's all montana boys wear) people started to dance. And not to mention they played my girl Lady Gaga. Followed by a great Katy Perry! So there it began. I danced my little heart out. I cotton eye joed, Fireworked, I zoot suit rioted and of course the classic Aerosmith "Don't wanna miss a thinged" I had the pleasure of dancing with a plethora of interesting characters from Montana and Wyoming.

But the best part was that I did it. And I actually had fun. I made a new friend. I danced with boys. And some of them were actually cute! I didn't die. And no I didn't find the love of my life but I enjoyed myself. I'm excited to attend the singles ward here and make new friends. I needed to go alone to actually get out of my comfort zone and experience it all. Cause otherwise I wouldn't have met the people I met. So here goes another awesome part to my summer!


MALPAL said...

Oh and to the public. Chris did not totally ditch out on me. He saved me a spot at the concert and we danced hard core all night. Just in case you had harsh feelings toward him.

Sara Andersen said...

Firstly, the awesome girl you mets name was Sara.. first sign that she would be awesome. Secondly, the dance might not have been the best, BUT, you "didn't let it get to you!". Good girl :) and Thirdly, I just love you so much. I'm so proud of you!

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