Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adventure #1

Well less than 24 hours out of the Provo Bubble and I'm getting into trouble! haha.

This weekend I had the pleasure of being in good ol' Cody Wyoming with my grandma and cousins for Catherine's bridal shower. We got into town Friday afternoon and instead of cooking my grandma handed Becca and I 20 bucks and said go have fun. Go get a burger.
So we did just that.

Only we went to a slightly sketch version of a burger place. haha.
My cousin Jessica was performing that night with her boyfriend's band at The Silver Dollar. Which is a little poe dunk bar on main street. According to my grandma if you go there "You're gonna get shot!" So for our little dinner run we went to "the dollar" had a pitcher of diet coke and ordered the best 1/2 pound burgers on the menu with onion rings. And lots of ranch. Not only did I get totally wasted on caffeine but I ate the entire burger. haha. And it was really good.

It was a fun night being with my cousins, underage, in a bar and just having fun. It was the perfect start to my summer adventure!


Manushski said...

That's what I like to hear!! haha Get it...Get it GIRLLL!!!

Jordyn said...

BLOG!!! I am so so so excited to find your blog.

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