Thursday, March 20, 2014

ATTN: Seeking male business partner.

Well I've had a lot of down time lately, between my nannying gigs and other random jobs. So I've been trying to plan my life out.

I laugh every time I say that out loud. "Plan My Life"

Because I know well from experience that nothing really goes to plan.

However, I also know that planning and goal setting is super important.

So therefore I told my parents that this week I was going to "plan out my life"

As far as immediate plans and goals. I have no idea.

But I came up with my ultimate plan. And I need your guys help.

I am currently seeking a nice guy. Preferably tall and handsome. Some musical talent would be preferred but not required. This guy also needs to be good with money and have a background in business. Returned Missionary. Smart. Good with kids. But most of all just kind : )

Now here's why.

I've decided all I really want to do in my life is bake cupcakes. And treats. And maybe teach on the side. So here's the master plan...

I want to move to Cody, WY close to family. And open the most adorable and delicious bakery on main street. Summer tourist season would be hoppin'! Then during the winter I could teach elementary school. Because A. Wyoming pays teachers well. B. Not very many people are in Cody in the winter.

However, moving there and opening a bakery would be social suicide. Therefore I need to be married. Also. Me opening my own business? You would know from my bank statements that I'm terrible with money. And I don't have much knowledge in business. This is where future husband comes into play- he can do all the business stuff and I'll just bake him treats and make his babies. Sounds like a good arrangement don't you think?

So I'm keeping my eyes open and taking applications. So please send your resumes to : )

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Rachel Barlow said...

haha love it. great plan. how about you plan out my life too?? mmmk? ok great. oh and why you're at it you can go shopping with me and help me find cute clothes like you because you're one smokin' babe! you better watch out because the fella is comin' around the corner any moment now! :)

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