Monday, February 17, 2014

The Big Return

Well hello readers!
It's been a long time...
You know just like 18 months or something like that.
Well more like 20. Because I've been home for two months and haven't written a single thing!
You could blame it on a lot of things like adjusting to technology and modern life. Or having a job.
But the important thing is I'm back! And so happy to be home!

So many people have asked a few questions since my return from siberia.
And I'm here to give a couple answers.

Question #1

How was your mission?

What kind of question is that? haha. My mission was good? That's usually how I answer. Something along the lines of "It was great! I loved it!" But it's so hard to even begin to describe how my mission impacted me and what it was like. I figure those who really care- read my emails. And those were a pretty good description of what it was like. For those of you who haven't read my emails. I'm posting them here For the future posterity to read and all others interested : )

Question #2
What was Russia/Siberia like?

ummm. Cold. Awesome. Different from America. Again another loaded question. Super hard to describe. But I do have some sweet pictures on my pinterest board here And will be loading some on the other blog.

Question #3
Was it cold in Siberia?

Well duh! It's siberia! The coldest it got was -42 F. Winter lasted from October to May : )
But summer was a nice 75-80 degrees!

Question #4
Was it hard learning Russian? How long did it take you to learn it?

Umm. No- it's super easy learning to speak and write in another language that has 33 letters in a completely different alphabet.
HAHA. Jokes.
It was rough. It came easier for me than some other missionaries- but I never felt completely fluent. I could understand what people were saying to me- but I'd make grammatical errors. But I'd say half way into my mission- I felt comfortable. At least with teaching and interacting with people. Going to the doctor and things like that.... I'll probably never know how to communicate!

Question #5
What is the biggest thing you learned on your mission?

I learned that I can do hard things. I can do anything I set my mind to. I learned that I was pretty lazy- and now I know how to work hard. Set goals. Manage my time. But also- to just love everyone and to go with the flow.

Question #6
Has it been hard adjusting to "regular" life?

NOPE. I heard that I would be crying myself to sleep for two weeks and all these other horror stories. But honestly it's been great. It feels like I never left. Lots of things have happened of course. But the people who are really there for me-are still there. Life is pretty great : ) Of course I miss Russia every once in a while. Especially the people. And hearing it on the streets. But all is well.

Question #7
Now what are you gonna do?

Well I'm still trying to figure that out! I want to finish college. Get a degree and a real job. But most of all I want to get married and start a family. I'd also like to bake some cupcakes and have a couple dance parties.

Turns out I got kicked out of BYU while I was gone for not completing my "deferment" application or whatever. So that was a bummer. But I reapplied and am waiting to hear back. But another thing I've learned from my mission is that God is in charge. And apparently I need to be in Montana for a while. And so I'm making the best of it. Being with my family has been freaking awesome. I'm working. Trying to socialize. And be the best version of me possible. I've got some goals and some hobbies. So things are staying busy and staying pretty great : )


Kaylee and Clark said...

Aw love you Mally. Fun to read this. Glad you're back. Can't wait to see you!

kylie said...

happy you're back! i'm excited to hear more details about the adventures you've had and are going to have!

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