Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Days

Remember what summer was like when you were little?

Running around in your swimsuit. All day.
Playing with your friends.
Eating ice cream.
Going to the pool.
Watching the Disney Channel.
Jumping on the tramp.
Riding Bikes.
Playing in the sprinklers
Lighting Fireworks.
But mostly playing and swimming!

Well this week I had the chance to be a kid again. I got to play with Hailey Johnson all week long while her mom and sisters were at Girls Camp and her dad was at work. She has the most amazing swimming pool. And imagination and sense of humor. She would wake up and play hungry hungry hippos. Then we'd watch a couple episodes of Phineas and Ferb. Then we'd put on our swimsuits and play in the pool.  We'd play sharks and minnows. Then we'd float on the pool mattresses. Then we'd do our best jumps and belly flops off the diving board. Then we'd do underwater summersaults. Then we'd take a break for lunch and eat chicken nuggets and grapes. After lunch we would perfect our handstands. Then we'd dry off and go watch more disney channel! (isn't MT/the yard beautiful!)

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to swim in the pool. And play sharks and minnows. I'd forgotten how to do a handstand and an underwater summersault. Hailey had to teach me! Remember doing that? You could just run all day in your swimsuit and no one cared. Then the day came when your one piece bathing suit wasn't cool and all your friends wore bikinis. No one did underwater summersaults or handstands. They just sat by the pool and tanned. Then you became really self conscious about your swimming suit and had to sit in the perfect position so you didn't have belly rolls.

I vote that every summer should be like the summers of our youth. I plan on doing something childish at least once a week for the rest of the summer. And I definitely have the tan (burn) lines to prove it.

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AWeed said...

Way to go Malli!!! I love it!! Maybe you should have a lemonade stand?! That's what my niece and nephews have been doing this summer. I miss those days. Love you!

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