Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools

Three days ago, tomorrow, on the 31st of March,
Four girls got together and they were super parched.

Right then the clock struck midnight, april fools was now in sight.
Their minds began to wander about pranks to pull that night.

You see these four girls live outside what they all call “town”
With center and south doors unsurveillanced, something had to go down!

They got fish line, yarn and scissors to pull of this prank, 
but when they walked through town at one, their four hearts all sank.

Lights, computers and tvs were on, but how could this be?
They realized the best prank ever now had a little fee.

As they sat and waited for their victims to finally rest their heads,
these four lovely ladies put puzzles together and avoided all their beds.

Finally at three a.m. they traveled back around.
Everyone seemed to be asleep-they scattered across the ground.

With all of their materials in hand they zig-zagged to and fro,
and once the knots were sturdy they could finally go.

So to all who kept accusing and asking throughout the whole day,
we are the ones who did it-Sorry April Fools was yesterday!

I hope you all had a great april fools day!
This one will live in infamy. Just like the icy hot in 8th grade.

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anna said...

mwahahahah this was the best!! we so sneaky.

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